Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tamil Heritage wardens meet on 20th June 2010

Sundar Bharadwaj @ SPS (Siva Pada Sekaran) of Ponniyin Selvan Varalatru Peravai (PSVP) conducted a get together for all like minded personalities from India and abroad before the scholars leaving for the Coimbatore conference conducted by the Tamilnadu government. Many issues not really covered by the symposiums and such conferences - digitization and bringing all Tamil heritage related publications and available documents, voices, videos under one umbrella by Tamil Heritage Foundation, the built heritage conservators and those who take the temple architecture and its art appreciation and inscriptions to common man - REACH Foundation, Professor Swaminathan and NHM (New Horizon Media) and Kizakku Padippagam media man Badri's Tamil heritage forum, Prakrithi foundation, Indian Science monitor Mr. TKV Rajan, Historian Dr Chitra Madhavan, Project Madurai fame Dr. Kalyan, ASI archaeologist P.S. Sriraman, Sidda heritage practitioners, Siddars, and heritage lovers met together for a brain storming and discussing strategies of how to bring our efforts in an united manner and build synergy. The introduction of all groups were fantastic and Ponniyin Selvan had been the inspiration and this story has made many realities work, like Poetry in stone run by Vijay and his team, REACH foundation initially started by bunch of youths later guided to form a foundation headed by renowned archaeologist Dr T Satymurthy. It is he who worked on Adichanallur the most ancient site of Tamil culture so far unearthed, the Sangam age Murugan temple near Tiger caves on the Mamallapuram road and now bringing out the most ancient Pallava temple at Vepathur near Kumbakonam. Ironically such scholars were not even invited by the Tamil Semmozhi conference is a different subject to discuss and this is this blogger Chandra's personal view, not to offend anyone concerned), and to top it the THF founders Dr N. Kannan and Subashini Tremmel who were present and shared their vision to the heritage wardens of Chennai. The Sidda medical Palm leaf donors spoke on the ancient science and medicine, their values and the unfold secrets now getting digitized to usher a new light on the world's oldest and time tested medicine of Tamil land. A Siddar himself presented himself in this forum today and showered his blessings for all the voluntary work being done by the above said groups. Any omission in this fast news flash of the function which just happened this morning, is not intentional and those attended and who are missed out may bring this to our notice by emailing to
The pictures are here for you to see


geeyes said...

’மூலிகைமணி’ க.வெங்கடேசன் அவர்கள் இலக்கியங்களில் மூலிகைகள் மற்றும் அவற்றின் மருத்துவ சிறப்புக் குணங்கள் பற்றிக் குறிப்பிடப்பட்டிருப்பதைச் சுவையாகவும் கருத்துக்களுடனும் கூறி உரையாற்றினார்.
Reach Chandra அவர்கள் பேசியபோது, பாரம்பரியக் கலைச்சின்னங்களைப் பாதுகாப்பதன் அவசியத்தைப் பலருக்கும் பரவலாகக் கொண்டுசேர்க்கவேண்டும் என்று ‘நகைமொழி’நிரம்பச் சொன்னார். மன்னார்கோவிலில் உள்ள பெருமாள்கோவில் எப்படிப் பராமரிப்பின்றி இருக்கிறது என்றும் ஆந்திரப்பிரதேசத்தில் உள்ள சில கோவில்களின் உதாரணங்களைக் காட்டிச் சுருக்கமாகவும்
கருத்தில்-குறிப்பாகவும் (to the point) பேசினார்.

Anonymous said...

This is indeed great work. Congratulations to all of the people involved in R.E.A.C.H Foundation and the other organizations mentioned in the write-up. Future generations will be grateful to you.


Anonymous said...

Nice brief and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.