Thursday, October 20, 2011

Epigraphy Class inauguration on Oct 2nd 2011

We had an encouraging number of students from various walks of life registering themselves as students for the third batch of class on Tamil epigraphy, and 8 of them braving the ordeals of time management of doing the advance course in epigraphy, learning 'Grantha'! 30 plus was the final figure for the Tamil epigraphy class!

The inauguration was at Ramakrishna Mission school, at Dandapani street, off. Burkit Rad, T.Nagar on October 2nd.

being Gandhi Jayanthi we had invited students from the nearby Thakkar Baba Vidyalaya, students who are taught Gandhian philosophy, to render the invocation, but sadly, they didn't turn up! May be they were busy in the function in their own school!

We had student - member Mrs. Janaki coming to our aid and singing the Saraswathi song for invocation.

As usual Dr Satyamurthy's welcome address was a thought provoking lecture cum invitation, which made our chief guest sit up and listen carefully.

Swami Yathunatha Nanda of RK Mutt graced the occasion and delivered his blessing lecture.

The Chief guest eloquent speech in Tamil was the high light of the day. He elaborately spoke in length the various names he had deciphered from the sangam literature linking them with those of Harappa finds and insisted that knowledge on language, its script and then site excavations threw new light on the longevity of the Tamil age, proving beyond doubt in ancient nature and insisted that the sangam literature were not mere literature but the history etched well in time, for us to research out more.

Epigraphy teacher Ramachandran was again at his best, bringing out various quotes from various sangam literature as well as epigraphs and reinforced Mr. Balakrishnan's idea.

The students were enthralled to be amidst an an august, learned gathering and were sure that the classes to commence would enrich their knowledge further.

The surprise package for the day was introduction of Mr. Vinoth Rajan, done by PRO J. Chandrasekaran, the teacher for grantha classes! Even though he was absent on the inauguration day, it was revealed that Mr. Vinod was an I.T guy, 26 year old wiz-kid who had specialized the unicoding and scripting various Indian fonts and putting them on the global net map! Writing various scripts for him is a child's play. When we tried to get a teacher for Grantha, most of them 60 plus, they denied travelling or making upto the classes every week end. Vinod turned up as saviour when PRO Chandra requested him to take the grantha classes and now it is learnt from the students that the next 2 Sundays were met with good response from the Grantha students, as they were happy to freely discuss with their young teacher and shred their inhibitions of learning a language so late in their lives!

Thanks Vinoth Rajan for making it sound easy to them!

The photos of the inauguration are here for us to see.

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