Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Epigraphy Classes concluded.

The 3rd batch for Tamil Epigraphy taught by Shri S Ramachandran and the first batch of Grantha taught by Shri Vinod Rajan concluded in Jan 2012. The students were taken for field visits to Pudhur near Ocheri. The students were overwhelmed by the teaching of Shri Ramachandran and wondered how Mr Vinod could teach and read and understand many languages including Grantha.

AASAI the academy wing of REACH FOUNDATION congratulates both the teachers and the students who attended almost all classes each Sunday and to the filed trip. They were from diverse fields, youngest being a student studying 8th standard to the eldest being a doctorate in economics..!

The photos are here for you to see.

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Make understanding the past History is a tremendous work. Wish you all the very best. Jc.S.Murali